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Had a great Valentine Day working for you guys!

  • Writer's pictureCrystal Taliefero

I can't believe it's been over 30 years since we performed with Billy Joel at iconic Yankee Stadium. What shows those were and what times we had.

Last week, we were invited to attend an exclusive re-edited screening of the legendary concert film in Sag Harbor, NY. The experience was powerful and brought back tons of magic for all of us. The re-edited version is amazing as it was edited in 4K and includes amazing sound upgrades by our very own sound engineer aficionado, Brian Ruggle.

The concert footage was shot on June 22 and 23 at the legendary "House that Ruth Built." The new version has some cool behind-the-scenes footage and awesome interviews that weren't in the original film.

It was an honor attending the screening of the movie, which will hit nationally for two nights only on October 5th and 9th, with my Billy Joel family and remember all the fun times. I never take any of our performances for granted because they have been true blessings in my life.

A lot has happened in my life in the past 30+ years since the show. What I remember most about the Yankee Stadium shows is the electricity of the crowds and the special welcoming we received as we performed for over 60,000 fans in two days.

I hope you all get to experience and relive the magic of what they are calling a "groundbreaking concert film."

There's really nothing like seeing it on the big screen in the theatre, unless it's in person, of course.

It's a privilege to share my night with all of you.

Love you all,


Photos by Myrna Suarez

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