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Photos: Damian Rico

Joel captivates fans with dynamic performance at Notre Dame

Singer-songwriter and piano aficionado Billy Joel came out with a bang opening with “My Life” and even incorporated the ND fight song into the intro. One highlight of the evening was when Gary, Indiana native Crystal Taliefero took to the mic to sing “Dancing in the Streets” during the middle of “River of Dreams.” The audience exploded as Billy introduced her claiming, “you name it, she plays it.”

“Coming home is special,” said Taliefero. “These are my people, and I am grateful and humbled by the support and love we continue to receive. Performing is an incredible opportunity and we are grateful to share that experience with our fans.”

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  • Writer's pictureCrystal Taliefero

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How come when I drove down to the mailbox to get the mail, Cinnamon squeezed through the back door and ran down the driveway and stood next to my car? Hahahahaa

  • Writer's pictureCrystal Taliefero


I can't imagine going through 2020 without the unconditional love of Cinnamon always by my side. RIDEORDIE!

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